142e congrès, Pau, 2017 - Circulations montagnardes, circulations européennes

mardi 25 avril 2017 - 09:00

I. Circulations montagnardes d'hommes et de biens

Sous-thème : I.1. La conquête de la montagne : des premières occupations humaines à l'anthropisation du milieu

Chapitre : Session « Transmission des savoirs par cartographie »

Titre : A cave in the mountains, a camp at the valley. First Human occupations in the Cantabrian Region (Iberian Peninsula)

Among the main Basque sites in which we have detected human occupations dating to the MIS6 and MIS7, the most outstanding are that of Lezetxiki (Arrasate) and Irikaitz (Zestoa), both in Gipuzkoa. The first deposit is a cave site, with a good preservation of the osseous material, comprising abundant remains of fauna and even, human remains. Irikaitz is an extensive area by the Urola River, used during the MIS7 to locate camps there. Although this last deposit contains a significant archaeobotanical record, has been widely eroded and nothing has been preserved from the remains of fauna it contained. If we take in parallel both types of deposits, we will observe the enormous methodological potential that comes from interrelating their records. It allows us to have a broader and more detailed view of all the first human occupations in the region.

M. Alvaro ARRIZABALAGA, enseignant en préhistoire et archéologie à l'université du pays Basque