20/12/2002 - Review

Extraits : With examples from the Palaeolithic & Mesolithic of Europe, southwest Asia and North Africa, backed up with ethnografic parallels from further afield and reference to a good range of theorical literature... The 31 valuable papers in Moudre et broyer are the proceedings of a meeting in 1995. They cover both methods of study (Vol.1) and substantive research (Vol.2). Volume 1 is studies from around the world in petrography, chemistry and use wear (including experimental archaeology), and comparative ethnoarchaeology. (...) Volume 2, on "Archaeology and history", includes papers on the great apes, the Paleolithic (de Beaune), the later prehistory and Middle Ages of Europe, and Roman northwest Africa. (...) The papers are well illustrated and the books have been clearly and attractively produced. Written in French, English or Spanish, most are provided with abstracts in French or Spanish and in English.