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International Federation of Tropical Medicine (IFTM) - LONDRES

Année de création : 1913
Domaines d'activité: médecine, pharmacie, vétérinaire
Domaines géographiques: International
Présentation de la société :
he principal function of the Federation shall be the sponsorship and organization of periodic International Congresses of Tropical Medicine and other appropriate meetings. The additional functions of the Federation shall include the dissemination and exchange of information on Tropical Medicine, the promotion of cooperation among national societies and other appropriate scientific activities.

Founded 1984, Calgary (Canada), during 11th S-XF1702 - International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTMM), to act as interim committee, the Congress having been created 1913, London (UK), and amalgamated, 1939, Amsterdam (Netherlands), with H-XH8702 - International Society for Tropical Medicine, set up in 1908, London, and H-XH8703 - International Congress on Malaria, held since 1925, Rome (Italy).