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Académie d’Athènes - ATHÈNES

Académie des Sciences, humanités et beaux-arts
Année de création : 1926
Domaines d'activité: sociétés et académies généralistes
Domaines géographiques: Etranger
Périodes chronologiques: Préhistoire-Protohistoire, Antiquité, Moyen Âge, Moderne, Contemporain-Temps présent
Présentation de la société :
The general and overarching objective of the Academy of Athens, in accordance with its Founding Charter, is the cultivation and advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, along with the communication of the Foundation and its Members with other Academies and fellow Academicians. In fulfillment of its objective the Academy conducts scientific research projects and studies in the areas of agriculture, industry, shipping, national economy. Furthermore it issues consultations, proposals, it adopts decisions and judgments for the instruction and guidance of the bodies and authorities of the state.
2 fiches prosopographiques
Membres entre l'année : et l'année :

LAPERSONNE Félix de (1853-1937)
LHERMITTE François (1921-1998) - membre