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Fédération internationale des archives du film (FIAF) - BRUXELLES

International Federation of Film Archives
Année de création : 1938
Domaines d'activité: cinéma, protection et valorisation du patrimoine
Domaines géographiques: International
Périodes chronologiques: Contemporain-Temps présent
Présentation de la société :
FIAF’s official date of birth is generally recognized as 17 June 1938, as confirmed by the date of the “Agreement for the International Federation of Film Archives” signed in Paris by its four founder-members – the Cinémathèque française, Germany’s Reichsfilmarchiv, the British Film Institute, and the Museum of Modern Art Film Library.
Publications périodiques
Journal of Film Preservation - semestrielle
- FIAF Information Bulletin FIAF Bulletin
- The Journal of Film Preservation (also known as the JFP) is published by FIAF twice a year. It offers a forum for both general and specialized discussions on all theoretical, technical, and historical aspects of moving image archival activities. Articles are written in English, French, or Spanish, with summaries in the other two languages.

The Journal of Film Preservation’s first incarnation was as the FIAF Information Bulletin (later FIAF Bulletin), launched in 1972 to provide “quick and practical information to FIAF members only” (FIAF Information Bulletin, no. 1, March 1972). Over the years, however, many of the articles published in the Bulletin became increasingly substantial, and of interest to readers well beyond the community of FIAF archives. In 1993, after 46 issues of the Bulletin, this evolution was formally acknowledged with a change of title, the new Journal aiming to be “a dynamic and permanent link between all those (archivists, researchers, historians, film-makers, film lovers) working in the field or interested in in the preservation of the world’s film heritage” (Robert Daudelin, “A New Title for the FIAF Bulletin”, Journal of Film Preservation, #47, October 1993). A new design, combined with perhaps a more modern editorial approach, was launched in April 2012, to appeal to the widest possible readership in the film heritage sector. Past editors of the Journal include Paolo Cherchi Usai (1991-95), Robert Daudelin (1995-2011) and Catherine A. Surowiec (2011-2013).