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Académie japonaise de budô - TOKYO
Année de création : 1968
Domaines d'activité: protection et valorisation du patrimoine
Domaines géographiques: Asie, Etranger
Périodes chronologiques: Antiquité, Moyen Âge, Moderne, Contemporain-Temps présent
Présentation de la société :
The Academy’s headquarters are located inside the Nippon Budokan, with branch chapters found in Tokyo, Saitama, Yamanashi, Tokai, Kitashinetsu, Kansai, and Chushikoku. The six Budo arts of Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Kyudo, Sumo, and Naginata are represented by their own subcommittees. After that, a new martial arts subcommittee for persons with disabilities was added, and now we are active in seven subcommittees. Consistent within this structure, and encompassing inquiries concerning the instruction of beginners, research conducted by these affiliated groups continues to probe the fusion of theory and practice.
Publications périodiques
Journal of Budô